Qur'an Surah and Prayer Tutorial Memorize

Qur'an Surah and Prayer Tutorial Memorize

نسخه ۲.۵.۳
نصب فعال
سبک زندگی

The Surahs read in prayer, (Hanafi and Shafi) prayer prayers, some of the other Surahs outside the prayer suites, the basic prayers read in the muezzin, and so on. we offer a helpful app to memorize. There is also a prayer hall where you can learn about the funeral prayer and the prayer of the feast prayer with 5 simple prayers, a simple simulation, and a prayer session where you can choose to pray.

You can use all the content without internet.

You can listen to a verse of verse verses verses, duals of sentences and repeating them periodically. The verses and prayers that are read aloud can be followed in Arabic and Latin letters (for now only in Turkish). The verse or prayer sentence read there is colored.

If you want to repeat how many times each cycle and how many seconds to wait between repetitions, you can set them on that screen immediately. Even if you start to listen to Surah or prayer, you can change the repeat count and wait time settings. We recommend that you set an appropriate waiting time so that you can repeat the verse (or sentence) you are listening to. When you return to the previous screen with the Back button, the duration, number of repetitions and text size are saved and your settings are ready without resetting each time.

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