Gears quest: Gear puzzle 3D

Gears quest: Gear puzzle 3D

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Among many other gear puzzle games, this game stands out for the interesting atmosphere of the room escape quest. Download and try it now!


- The convenient location of the camera allows you to fully enjoy the 3D image of the mechanism of the gear puzzle.

- Free movement of gears around the play space of the escape quest gives freedom of decision making.

- Various options for exiting the escape quest will keep you awake from boredom.

- The gear puzzle is not immediately visible to you when you start the escape quest, it opens to you as you launch the gear mechanism nodes, which brings a surprise effect to the game.

- The gear puzzle game is accompanied by the sounds of starting generators and gear connections, further immersing you in the atmosphere of the escape quest, however, you can turn off the sounds in the settings.

- You can also enjoy the lovely gear puzzle music. But if this is not convenient for you, it can also be turned off in the game settings of the escape quest.


1) To move the gear, touch it and move it to another spinning gear in the escape quest game.

2) When in contact with another gear, your gear stops. But if you need to move it further, just touch it again and move it in the desired direction.

3) In the gear puzzle, the blue gears can be moved, but the crimson ones cannot, they are fixed in the space of the escape quest.

4) Near the hero of the escape quest, you will see a jumping arrow, which indicates in which direction you need to move the output lock on the linear gear so that the gear puzzle will allow you to leave the room.


- Adding new escape quest levels.

- Adding new options to exit the gear puzzle room.

- Adding new animations of the hero of the escape quest.


In this game, you can force your technical mind to solve the gear puzzle in different ways, so some levels can be completed in different ways, with different gear arrangements.

Download the Gears Quest game and help its main character defeat the escape quest!