Anna's birthday cake bakery shop - cake maker game

Anna's birthday cake bakery shop - cake maker game

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Anna wants to make a delicious birthday cake gift, but she needs your help. Can you help Anna with making a lovely cake?

Anna is about to celebrate her friend's birthday. Anna had planned a surprise birthday party for her and have invited all of her friends. How exciting! All of the guests have been invited and all of the decorations have been set up, but there is still just one thing missing. Anna needs a birthday cake! The party is only a couple of hours away, so hurry up and get to decorating her birthday cake so it's ready for the party. Tap into your inner designer and layer on Anna's favorite toppings to create the perfect cake for the birthday in this fun cake decoration game for girls!

Let's help Anna making the birthday cake in her cooking kitchen. Anna had prepared all necessary ingredients and tools. She will guide you step by step to make the birthday cake. Simply following Anna's instructions and you will be able to make a delicious birthday cake.

This Anna games is absolutely free to play. Download this game and have fun with Anna.

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