Survival Forest : Survivor Home Builder 2

Survival Forest : Survivor Home Builder 2

نسخه ۱.۰.۴
نصب فعال

While on a flight over a large forest unlucky for you your aircraft crashes
You wake up lucky to survive the plane crash.

Your goal now is to find water and food and build a house to make it through
the night.

You feel alone and lost in a dense forest you will need to learn bushcraft skills quickly
to thrive and be a survivor.

Survival Forest Craft 2 : Game Features.

- Build your own home
- Pets Simulator
- Survive Simulator
- Craft animal fish traps be a trapper
- Craft hundreds of items weapons
- Explore large forest, island, ocean
- Hunt in the wilderness
- Set animal Traps
- Mine resources
- Build many shelters Bases houses
- Explore Massive island and ocean swim underwater find loot
- Find hidden camps, underground caves
- 4 Season Weather /Sun, Rain, Snow, Wind
- Day / Night Cycle
- Changing weather that affects player health
- Save and load System
- Inventory and Storage System

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