Fire Clock Widget

Fire Clock Widget

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✰ Fire Clock Widget ✰ – the hottest app ever! Set this fire “analog clock” that displays red fire flame and enjoy light. Choose between various clock skins of “burning fire” and you will love these cool widgets! Download this magic flame clock widget and start your “road to Hell”! Download this “Fire clock” and admire your burning flames on the smartphone! Beautiful “Fire pictures” will be a perfect decoration for your clock skins! Enjoy the sight of dangerous fire backgrounds! The giant wildfire with the dazzling fire sparkling like an “analogue clock”! Isn't that amazing? The sea of fire will be a perfect decoration when you match it with your favorite “fire wallpaper”! Set this mystic “fire whirl” clock and show your fire worship! Take these Vulcan pictures and spread the spirit of fire!

✰ How to set the Fire Clock widget:
- Add the widget to your home screen!
- Scroll down to menu and press the 'add' button or, depending on your device, tap the empty space and long press until the pop-up menu-window lebeled “Add to home screen” appears (you might need to find + button, or the option 'widget' to add it to home screen).
- When you download the clock widget, you can choose from five widget faces, more widgets are added each day over the next five days.
- Choose from 10 amazing Analog clock designs, various skins, hands and digits!
- Long tap and hold the time clock in order to scale, move and resize it!
- Set the alarm clock by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on set alarm button!
- Fire Widget is ideal for high resolution phones and tablets!

Download free ✰ Fire Clock Widget ✰ and enjoy in the sight of every single flame! Set this natural transformer “fire watch” and create a perfect romantic atmosphere! With this “fire app’’, you can admire this magnificent “element of nature”! Light up the fire magic with “Fire 3D’’ gadget! Fuel your passion with these powerful flashlight clocks! Smell the smoke of a burning fire and feel the warmth! Immerse yourself in the energy of Fire and enjoy the heat, light, ash and smoke! This “red clock” will give you strenght, authority and protection! You don't need to steel the fire like the Titanic God Prometheus, just sit and download for free!

✰ 10 analog clocks, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.
✰ Every day a new analog clock is available.
✰ Top widget clocks of different sizes and shapes.
✰ Clock will not wear your battery out and it will look great on your display!
✰ An unique opportunity to make your own clock!
✰ Easy to use for adults and children.

Combine the “Fire images” with the colorful clock hands and digits and you’ll get an unique ✰ Fire Clock Widget ✰ for your Android ™ mobile for free! On this cool animated clock widget you can set the fire alarm clock and you can have your own custom made clock! Admire this clock mechanism with amazing photo-realistic HD quality, specially built for the latest HD phones and tablets! This fire “simple analog clock widget” will make your eyes glare. The bright fire will beautify your “analogue clock” on the most wonderful way! Whether you like a large clock, a big clock or a small clock, you will find the suitable one for you to match it with “fire and ice live wallpaper”. So, all the fire worshippers, don't hesitate! Download this free app now and you will not regret!