100 Doors Around The World Adventure

100 Doors Around The World Adventure

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The new project from the 100 door series is already here! Game 2020 (and it's not empty advertising words, the game is really fresh). It's time to move the curves!
Here you are waiting for more than just a set of rooms - a full-blown adventure with a fascinating story.


Transport tycoon Henry Basil argues with his enemy Victor de Carrasco, according to which Basil must fly around the world in 80 days and find the golden mask of the Incas. He sets out on a journey with his granddaughter Claudette, who is eager to solve the mystery of his mother's disappearance. Heroes will visit the most remote and mysterious parts of our planet, fight terrible monsters and solve complex puzzles. And they can't do it without your help!


- an intriguing story;
- fascinating puzzles;
- some actions can lead to a loss;
- beautiful graphics and unique levels;
- clue system;
- the ability to get hints for FREE;

Have you ever heard of the 100 doors genre?

The games of this genre are a set of rooms, each of which is locked, and the player has to solve the puzzle to get out. The One Hundred Doors series is basically an evolution of games like Escape from Room. So, be prepared for the fact that here you will have to deal with the search for items, include the head to solve complex problems and avoid cunning traps. In other words - this game is not for weaklings!

Do you like complexity? Then this game is for you!

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