Make n Play Games (Game Maker for Kids)

Make n Play Games (Game Maker for Kids)

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Make n Play Games (Game Maker for Kids)

Make n Play Games (Game Maker for Kids)

نسخهٔ ۱.۸
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▶Make 'n' Play Games◀

Make 'n' Play Games helps your kids to think and solve problems, create, experiment and learn all the time in an exciting fun way. Make 'n' Play Games don't require any coding skills at all and its guided game maker interface is very easy to use for kids of all ages especially for kids aged 5-15 years.

✅ Highly recommended for building & improving cognitive and creativity skills and critical thinking in kids.
✅ It's super simple & easy to use app.
✅ Doesn't contains any Ads at all.
✅ Doesn't has any in-app purchases.


▶ Children are able to use and understand technology at an early age. There is a sea of apps available for every platform, but not all of them are appropriate for children. We have created Make 'n' Play Games for children of all ages which is completely child-safe and fun.

▶ Children want to learn how things work, and they learn best through play. Play is the natural way young children learn.

▶ With Make 'n' Play Games, kids can create their own games very easily and it doesn't require to have any programming knowledge. After building you can share games with friends and compete with them.


● FREE App for Kids to Make, Play and Share Games.
● No registration required. Promptly login with either Facebook or Google.
● Kids can easily Design their own Games using their own Imagination and Creativity.
● 5 different Game types to choose from and each Game has its own Players.
● Easy to use interface with drag & drop functionality.
● Control over Game elements by adjusting stats like Player Type, Health, Time Limits, Attack Power, Movement Speed and many others.
● Add a variety of Game elements like Characters, Objects, Weapons, Enemies, Landscape, Collectables, and much more.
● Share Games with your Friends and Family and Compete with them and make High scores on their Games.


By Designing and Creating Games, your kids can:
● Build & improve cognitive skills
● Train their minds for strategies
● Have daily brain workouts
● Improve their memory
● Increase their focus, concentration, attention to details
● Test and improve their logic building skills
● Train their reflexes
● Improve their dexterity and agility
● Learn to use more than one skill at a time (multi-tasking)
● Relaxes their brain and takes their focus away from time-wasting videos

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