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With multi-curricula support for the full IB Continuum (PYP, MYP, CP, DP), IGCSEs and universally with a Build-your-Own (BYO) model.

• Stay organised with key academic deadlines and assessment tasks.
• Set goals and build a portfolio with coursework, photos and more.
• Manage CAS or service-learning activities with reflections.
• Plan projects and communicate with your teachers & advisors.
• Browse and reference QuickStart guides for the IB to stay one step ahead.

• Collaboratively plan your curriculum.
• Manage teaching and learning with Stream & Resources.
• Share experiences and goal-setting within the Portfolio.
• Mark tasks, annotate coursework and submit term grades.
• Record attendance and Behaviour & Discipline.

• Plan and organise key year group deadlines.
• Manage service learning & project-based learning.
• Manage exams from start to finish.
• Analyse your curriculum and manage term reporting.

• Browse the curriculum alongside teaching & learning within the Portfolio.
• Monitor academic progress with grades, teacher comments, and report cards.
• Submit attendance excusals and communicate with homeroom advisors.
• Collaborate with fellow parents via the Parent-Teacher Association.