Matrix Calculator (Matrices with details)

Matrix Calculator (Matrices with details)

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With MatCalc you can make all basic operations between matrices including:
addition, multiplication, exponentiation,
determinant computation
Gauss - Jordan Elimination
Gram - Schmidt normalization
Null space computation
Characteristic polynomial computation
Eigenvalues computation
Eigenvectors computation

Perfect for students that study linear algebra or matrices!

MataCalc uses fractions to make precise computations.

Besides the actual result, this app provides details for all performed computations.

You can set the matrix dimensions using the scrollbars and then you can input the matrix elements by typing in each cell (the cells become active/inactive once you move the respective scrollbar). You can move to another cell either by pressing the NEXT key on the soft keyboard, or by tapping the desired cell. You don't have to enter zero values. Just leave the respective cell empty.

After you have entered the entries of the desired matrix, you can press one of the available buttons (described below) to perform an operation on the given matrix, or store the given matrix in memory and give a second matrix to perform an operation between the two matrices. Note, that GOLD buttons have an effect on the actual contents of the given matrix, the BLUE buttons change the contents of the matrix stored in memory, while RED buttons perform computations on the given matrix and show the result on screen (below the buttons).

This app contains ads. Sometimes (if you press a button to perform an operation) an ad will appear. If you don't want to see the ad, or you don't want to click on that ad, you can simply close it (e.g. by pressing the back button) and see the result of the desired operation on screen. If you don't want to see ads, please consider upgrading to the Pro version.

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