Royal Bathroom Cleanup

Royal Bathroom Cleanup

نسخه ۱.۰.۵
نصب فعال

This baby royal girl has to take a bath, but she is unable to do it because the bathroom is inappropriate. Your job is to handle her problems and take care of this particular room. You will definitely challenge your designer skills in order to create a beautiful bathroom that would have the print of your personal style, but also will let you refresh not only the aspect as much as the smell while you are cleaning it. In this decorating game, to be able to design the area you need to clean it right away. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you can move to the next step. First, you have to make sure you eliminate that stinky garbage that is spread all over the bathroom and put it in the trash can. The spiderweb is all over the place and as soon as you clean that it might look even better, the mirror doesn't look good at all, remove the dirt from it too. There are another cleaning activities on there and to be able to reach the decoration part you must go through all of them.

Once the process is fulfilled you will be able to design it in the exact way you want. Choose a nice pattern for the walls, match the toilet color with the sink and why not put a nice carpet too. Now the royal bathroom is ready to be used by this little princess and all you have to do is to help her out getting a relaxing nice bath. Wash her and apply the soap on the body, put the toys in so she could play with them. When you are done dry her and dressed her up so she could be ready to start a new day being cleaned and fresh. Don't forget the makeup part and have fun while you are adding beautiful colors on her eyes.

Discover these awesome features this game provides:
- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish
- Free and easy to play
- Cool accessories and interesting styles to adopt
- Cleaning and designing challenges
- Play with textures and merge it with the special theme
- Help a princess to get a cozy bath
- Dress up a baby girl
- Try to decorate in your own style
- Find the secrets for a perfect cleaned spot
- Learn how the housekeeping is actually done

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