Readical:  EPUB ebook reader. Speed reading

Readical: EPUB ebook reader. Speed reading

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Readical:  EPUB ebook reader. Speed reading

Readical: EPUB ebook reader. Speed reading

نسخهٔ ۱.۰۱.۲۷
۴۹ مگابایت

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• The most complete EPUB reader on the market.
• Readical radically changes the way you read and multiplies your speed.
• It's unlike anything you've seen so far.
• Discover a new dimension of reading.


Readical offers you 4 reading modes: Classic, Active, Guided and Laser.

1. CLASSIC: Similar to other readers, but with significant advantages.
– Graphical interactive map
– Position history
– Advanced edition...

2. ACTIVE: Reading mode designed to work with the text intensively.
– All tools at hand.
– Especially useful on tablets and large screens.
– Ideal for creating notes and structuring texts.

3. GUIDED: An intermediate mode between Classical reading and Laser reading.
– The most intuitive and simplest way to start improving your technique.
– Customize the reading to your needs: Speed, Number of eye fixations per line...

4. LASER: Laser reading uses the same principles as photographic reading.
– A powerful tool for working your reading technique intensively and multiplying your speed.
– Three Working Modes: Focus, Column and Running text.
– Customize the reading to your needs: Format, Speed, Width, Frequency of eye fixations...


✔ Totally customizable: Font type and size, Line spacing, Indentation, Alignment, Paragraph spacing, Justification, Color range, etc.
✔ INTERACTIVE MAP: Graphical representation of the structure of the book that allows you to navigate it with ease.
✔ Measure your reading speed.
✔ POSITION HISTORY: Save the last 200 positions of where you have been in each book.
✔ CREATE your own books: Just copy and paste text.
✔ Annotation index: Access the complete list of Notes, Quotes and Bookmarks from each book in a comfortable and intuitive way.
✔ ADVANCED EDITION: Highlighting, Notes, Quotes, Bookmarks, Selecting and sorting paragraphs...
✔ Structuring of texts: Structure the text selecting the most significant parts according to their importance. Ideal for creating and sharing notes.
✔ Position Report: Graphically locates your place in the chapter and book.
✔ BOOK MANAGER: Import, Share, Sort, Classify and Search in your Book Library.
✔ Simple and intuitive Help System to help you discover the potential of Readical.
✔ Supports epub and txt formats.
✔ ADVANCED SEARCHES: Text, Underline, Stars, Annotations, Titles, Links, Images...
✔ Three themes defined by default, completely customizable.
✔ Programmable alarm.
✔ SHARE with your friends Books, Annotations, Quotes, Text structure, Images, Statistics ...
✔ Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen.
✔ Manual orientation change (horizontal / vertical).

✔ FREE BOOKS: Access thousands of books for free.
✔ Install it and check it out for yourself.

• In the free version some features are limited.

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