Princess rainbow Pony game

Princess rainbow Pony game

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in which you will learn if you have what it takes to take good care of a baby pony. If you love the show then you will most likely have plenty of fun playing this rainbow Pony Princess games free game because all the characters are really cute. Take all the steps in order to play a few games with the baby because that is the way they learn at there is so much fun to be had. In the meanwhile, be on the lookout not to be spotted as you will have to start all over again. Complete all the little pony mini games and they will add up to a nice high score if you do well enough.

This is magical process and you will see that the mommy is doing a great job at it. Give her a shot so she will be relaxed and also complete the mandatory check-ups before she starts pushing. There will be a brief moment where you will have to monitor her heart rate but in a few short seconds, she will be the proud mommy of a cute blue pony like herself. This means that you did a great job, but it’s not quite over yet because new born babies are really fragile and also need to be checked up. Cut the cord and begin the process.

Warm up your stethoscope and see if the baby is healthy and give her a nice rub with a warm towel so she will be all cleaned up and ready to begin a wonderful life. Give her a shot too because she is prone to diseases and you do not want that to happen to such a cute little animal. In just a few minutes you witnessed the birth of a new life and helped greatly to make it possible. Soon enough you will be able to visit the farm again and both of them will be on the field running and enjoying some fresh green grass.

The lovely pony princess is pregnant and this is such a special moment. Help her relax and take proper care of her lovely baby bump. This game offers you fun and interactive activities with both mommy and baby.

- Features
- medical check up: take the temperature and check the vitals, make an ultrasound to see the baby, help her the vitamins
- help the pony princess relax in an amazing natural setting: she'll admire the landscape, eat a healthy snack, listen to music, swim in the lake and more
- take care of the newborn pony
- at the end there's a super fun dress up stage for both mommy and baby with lots of elements for you to mix and match

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