Hafez Audio Lyrics + Hafez fal (Offline)

Hafez Audio Lyrics + Hafez fal (Offline)

نسخه ۳
نصب فعال

Hafez audio ghazal software is offline with all audio ghazal poems, interpretation of each ghazal, favorite list for ghazal poems, Hafez fal, and Hafez biography, all of which are provided for free.

Software features:
• Contains 495 ghazal poems of Hafez in audio (offline) with the voice of Dr. Mousavi Garmaroodi
• Interpretation of each sonnet
• Custom text settings
• Share the text and interpretation of each sonnet
• Selected list for favorite ghazal poems
• Hafez divination
• Biography of Hafez

All these features are provided for "free".

Khwaja Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Baha'uddin Muhammad Hafiz Shirazi (b. 727 (lunar) - d. 792 (lunar)), known as the tongue of the unseen, It is the name of the world. Most of his poems are ghazal poems which are known as Hafez ghazal poems. Hafez's tendency towards Khajavi Kermani's rhetoric and the similarity of his rhetoric with him are well known. He is known as one of the most important influences on poets after him. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, his poems were translated into European languages, and his name somehow found its way into the literary circles of the Western world. Every year, on the 20th of October, Hafez commemoration ceremonies are held at his tomb in Shiraz with the participation of Iranian and foreign researchers. According to the official Iranian calendar, this day is called Hafez Commemoration Day.