Here You can try, learn and improve.

Cafebazaar is made up of creative and skilled people believing in these values:

We are a family

Once you join Cafebazaar, the first thing you may notice is the friendly atmosphere and close relations among us. We believe each other in our way to fulfill our big goals.


Cafebazaar trusts everyone working here so there are no certain working hours for us as a must. We are in charge of heavy responsibilities and we trust each other.


Regardless of our position and gender, we all believe in equity and we respect each other’s rights.

Experience, learning, growth

We choose people, not skills. Because we believe we can learn and then grow.

No limits

We have no limits to dream big. The diverse environment helps us to think creatively and have the opportunity to have new experiences.


Health is so important to us. We provide exercising program and healthy snacks to create a healthy experience at work.

If you believe these values, take a look at our job opportunities. We really look forward to seeing you.