User guide:

You can see the thorough user guide here on this page. If you are still using the previous version, you can find a brief user guide here.


Bazaar installation:

Get it and install it using the step-by-step tutorial.

How to create a user account:

In case you want to buy a paid application, rate an application, comment, use a gift card and using other features, it is necessary to create a user account. Signing up is so simple in version 7.

1.    After opening the application, in the top right corner, choose the icon for the user account.

2.    You see a page saying: “Enter your email or your phone number”. Enter your email or phone number and then continue.

3.    A verification code will be sent to your email or your phone.

4.    Enter the code in the corresponding section.

If you have not updated Cafebazaar yet, watch the tutorial in this video.

Adding phone number to user account:

In case you have created your account using your email, add your phone number to your account as explained here:

1.    After opening the application and signing into your account via email, in the top right corner of the page, choose the icon for the user account.

2.    Choose to enter your phone number and then enter your phone number.

3.    A verification code will be sent to your phone.

4.    Enter the code in the corresponding section, the phone number will be added to your account.

Cafebazaar credit:

Some of the applications are completely free and some need In-app-purchase. The easiest way to buy a paid application or for in-app-purchase is by increasing your Cafebazaar credit and paying via it. You can increase your credit in two ways:

If you have a gift card, choose "redeem gift card" and then enter the code.

Otherwise, choose buy Cafebazaar credit and determine the amount you want to charge and then go through the bank API.

Access to applications:

It is possible through three ways:

a)    Using categories

By choosing the icon of category from the main page of the Cafebazaar, you can find 25 categories such as social, education, communication and 18 categories of the game such as sport, board, adventure and so on. After choosing the desired category you can filter the newest applications according to rating, the number of installs and etc.

b)    Using selective criteria:

Cafebazaar provides a combination of the best and newest applications on the main page and you can find varied lists with different criteria.

c)    Search

You can choose the search icon on the main page and then you can search the keywords of the applications you are looking for.

Application information:

After clicking on each application, a page is opened including the detail of the application, users’ comments, and similar applications. You can decide about the application using this information. Under the details, you can share the application or bookmark it. To access the list of bookmarked app, in the bottom of the main page, choose my applications and the see the bookmarked applications.    

Installing free application:

There are two ways to install a free application.

a)    Cafebazaar application:

Click on your desired application and then click to install. Download begins and you can install the application when the download is completed.

b)    Cafebazaar website:

Cafebazaar website has been established to let users browse easily among the applications, finding what they are looking for easily. If you want to first find the application, you are looking for, on the website and then install it on your device. Do the following steps:

1)    Go to the website and find the page you are looking for.

2)    Choose the green tab left the side to get the application. The QR code will be shown then.

3)    In order to install an application on your android device, it is previously necessary to install one of the QR code reader applications (to see an example of one these applications click here). Open the QR code reader application and keep the camera in front of the QR code and then click on the link that the app suggests.

4)    Now you can easily install the application

Installing paid applications:

If you want to install a paid application, you can follow two ways:

1)    Cafebazaar application:

Open the page of the app and click on the price. If you have enough Cafebazaar credit to buy, Cafebazaar asks you to verify the purchase else you should one the four ways below to do the payment.

a)    Increasing Cafebazaar credit and purchase:

If you’d rather increasing the credit of your account and then purchase your desired application, choose this option and determine the amount on the next page. Finally, choose purchase option and after selecting the payment method you prefer, increase the credit. The advantage of this way is that you do not have to enter your debit card specifications on each purchase after you increase the credit once.

b)    Payment through the internet inside the application:

If you prefer to purchase the application directly from your bank account, after selecting internet payment, follow the bank instruction. Cafebazaar never decreases your credit twice for one application. If any problem occurs the money will be back to your account after three days.

c)    Payment via 720 and Asanpardakht


2)    Cafebazaar website:

If you prefer to buy from the internet, you can log in your Cafebazaar account on the website. From “credit” icon click on purchasing credit and follow the internet payment procedure after increasing your credit you can use your credit the same as the previous way.

After the purchase is done, you can install the application and enjoy it. In case you are not satisfied with the purchased app, you can have your money back through this guide up to three days.

Some of the free applications provide you extra features after in-app-purchase. In order to purchase inside an app, you are led to the payment page and after the process is done you will return to the application.


In case you face any problems during payment or other parts, you can take appropriate action by choosing support button from the menu on the main page or you can directly contact If you have any complaints or need support from the developer of the application, in the end of the application page you can find contact information.

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