Frequently Asked Questions

On What devices can Cafe Bazaar app store be used?

We have tried to test Cafe Bazaar on all Android devices. Right now we are not aware of any devices with Android version of 2.3 or upper incapable of running Cafe Bazaar. If you encounter such problems on any devices please inform us at

What can I find on Cafe Bazaar?

A wide range of high-quality applications and games are published on Cafe Bazaar. If you know an Iranian or international application that’s missing from Cafe Bazaar, please contact us at

Is Cafe Bazaar free to use?

Yes, using Cafe Bazaar is free of charge. You can download free applications of Cafe Bazaar for free. If you want to use the paid applications, you should pay the price of that application. Also, your mobile operator or internet service provider may charge you for using the internet.

So where is your revenue coming from? If Cafe Bazaar is free to use, how can you still afford to offer a good service?

The ads you see in the applications are one source of revenue for mobile developers. Also, the money collected from selling paid applications is the mutual source of revenue between mobile developers and Cafe Bazaar.

Why did you decide to launch an app store?

We wanted to create a proper channel for distribution of Iranian applications. We constantly try to make a better world for mobile users and developers!

Do I have to pay again for updates or new versions of the paid applications?

No. Updating the applications to new versions are free of charge on Cafe Bazaar.

How long is an application’s price valid?

All the prices are updated in Cafe Bazaar. The free applications will always remain free. The price of an application for a user who bought it will always remain the same and the price changes won’t affect the previous buyers.

How can I trust the payment gateway in Cafe Bazaar app store?

We have considered every aspect of a safe payment on a mobile device. The "lock" icon on the top of the payment page, indicates that your connection to the bank servers is safe. If this isn’t safe enough for you, you can also make the payment on Cafe Bazaar website, which is directly made from bank gateways and doesn’t have a connection with Cafe Bazaar.

How does In-App Purchase work?

In-App Purchase is completely the same as the usual purchase of a paid application, the only difference is that you are directed to Cafe Bazaar payment page from inside the game or the application and after making the purchase, you will be redirected to the game or app. The In-App Purchase is available and visible on all your Android devices, e.g. if you have bought the subscription of a magazine, or you have removed the ads of an application or bought food for your pet in the game, you can use these purchases on any Android device which has Cafe Bazaar installed and is logged in with the account that made that purchase.

How can I trust the safety of applications on Cafe Bazaar?

Please visit Security Issues on Cafe Bazaar for more information.

While downloading an app, I got this error: "The application’s file wasn't downloaded correctly because your connection to Bazaar is not safe". What should I do?

This usually happens when your Internet Service Provider has a problem connecting to Bazaar servers. For solving this, you can connect to Bazaar with another service provider. If the problem is still there, please contact .


Why haven’t you still shown my review of that application?

Our customer support team reviews all the comments before publishing them. That’s why it will take a few hours to confirm the comments and then you will be able to see them.  

How can I download applications from Cafe Bazaar website?

Our policy is to distribute applications only on mobile devices and we don’t publish games on Cafe Bazaar website.

I need someone to write an application for me. Can you cooperate with me?

Sorry! We don’t make mobile applications for companies or individuals. You can contact mobile developers via the information in "About" of their applications on Cafe Bazaar for doing so.  


For FAQ of foreign applications, you can visit this page.


For complete information about Cafe Bazaar permissions, please visit this page.