Al Yasin pilgrimage

Al Yasin pilgrimage

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The pilgrimage of Al Yasin is one of the famous pilgrimages of the Prophet Sahib al-Amr (AS). The narrator and the bearer of this pilgrimage are Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah ibn Ja'far ibn al-Hussein ibn Malik Jame al-Harmari al-Qemi, whom all the scholars of Rijal and the rhetoric elders have called him great and holy. He had several books that apparently did not have any of them, and because he lived in the late years of the abandonment, he had many correspondence with the holy shrine of the Prophet Sahib al-Amr (AS) and was pleased with the answer. Several accounts have been quoted by him that their sentence is a justification that implies Al-Yasin Sharif's pilgrimage.

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