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Greetings to college students this year and the successful examinations of the National Examination 97
Comprehensive Biology Training Software (Flip)

This software is the only easy way to study, learn, and understand the lesson of biology everywhere with any level of readiness.
The author and designer of this software is an experimental student and has participated twice in the empirical college and knows that what an empirical student needs from every point of success.
In this software, the Achilles' heel has paid attention to the student's problems and tried to resolve it as much as possible in the text section.
And if the problem persists
You can use 200 reference videos (categorized) from all the textbook topics to understand the 100th part of your subject.

Currently, this software is the most comprehensive biology education software that will regularly update for the best stay.
This software is an important tool for all the monitors

Software parts:
1. Full textbook (split)
2,200 Reference Tutorials for all topics
3-Full Guidance (Separated)
4. Describes self-testing tips and activities

Good luck....

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