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⚠ If you do not know about this, read the end.


Perhaps you've also heard that every food is nature-in fact, either warm-tempered or cold-tempered.

♻️ Meaning of cold or warmth of food Each foodstuff, depending on the nature of the body when it enters the body, causes the production of blemishes, but it will produce more sputum. Lettuce, for example, has a cooler and more fluid (flaky), and after it is consumed, the sputum of the blood swells. Dry and dry ginger (bile marrow), followed by blisters of blood, and so are cold and dry rice and more grapefruit (hematopoiesis).

Everyone needs to choose the right food depending on his temper.

Example: A person who has warmth should have cool and cold foods such as: Ash, pomegranate, plum, barberry juice, cucumber, citrus, yogurt and ...

It should be used to relieve warmth and warmth, and to maintain physical and gastrointestinal balance, such a person should be less warm and eat warm foods and cold and cool foods when they eat.

✅ Complications of warmth (burning and itching of the body, hot flashes, restlessness, hives and burning of the urine, burning of the heart and mouth of the mouth and ...) will annoy her.

Unlike a person who has a mild or salty cold taste, he should consume warm food so that his natural cold is tempered. Such a person should be less cold and eat cold foods with hot items. Supreme

✅ Cold symptoms (lethargy and weakness and weakness of the body, sleepiness, bloating of the stomach, bone pain and puffiness of the face and ...) will hurt him.

🔰  For the treatment of warm and cold complications and body health and physical balance, it should be considered the cold and warmth of any substance. And with all that food and fruit and ... it's very difficult to know what kind of laundry they have.

For example, a person who has a pink pink is probably warm. So you should be careful to use the cold warm-blooded foods throughout the day to help neutralize them. And be away from warmth.

🔰 💠 In this app we list all the foods and fruits of the roots, seeds and ...

Warm, temperamental and cool. With this program you just have to bring your desired fruit or food into the program, and the program tells you that it is hot or cold in nature.

And you can more easily decide what to eat more food and what less food to eat.

We are still adding more food to the program ...

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