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A complete software for Yas Nabi Cultural and Educational Complex in Isfahan

A collection that was able to achieve great success in a short period of time.

*** In this collection, the following capabilities are provided:

-Looking at all parts of the collection

-Get in each section and learn about its programs

-See all class titles and courses

- Registration of the name of face-to-face and absentee classes of the cultural center in absentia

- Economic market gateway and registration of your products for sale

- In-person payment of cash donations to empathize and help the needy

-Registering the names of dear children in kindergarten in absentia

- Information about your children's programs in kindergarten

-Payment of tuition for central and kindergarten classes

- Take turns to consult

- Registration of consulting workshops on various topics

- In-person payment of Qarz al-Hasna loan installments

-Registration of the request for a special plan of the media group

- View images of the entire program

- View collection announcements

And dozens of other features ...

Contact us:



Instagram page: instagram.me/yasenabi_ir

Telegram channel: telegram.me/yasenabi_ir

ETA channel: eitaa.com/yasenabi_ir

Email: yasenabi.ir@gmail.com

Address: No. 246, Shahid Beheshti Alley, Next to Farhang8 Complex, Isfahan, Zob Ahan Highway, next to Farhang Complex

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