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medical terminology

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* Medical terminology or medical language and medical terminology vocabulary to describe the clinical and diseases and disorders of the human body components that can be used.

* As well as a glossary of medical terminology for use by health care professionals so that they can make proper relationship and efficient. .

* Terms and are widely used simple words to express a particular concept has been selected.

*** All health care providers need to know medical terminology.

** In this program, more than 2,000 medical term for

"The doctors and nurses and operating room experts, midwives and medical staff."

Just separated is provided.


- In the app search capabilities in general terms (in word or description) as well as specific search in each section to achieve a better vocabulary.

- The pronunciation of terms for the user

- Ability to change background image and change the font to your taste ...

- Simple and elegant user interface is provided for you.

Recommended resources:

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- E-surgical DRS from S Ghafari, publications and community

- Textbook of Internal Medicine and Surgery from Asadi Noghabi

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-Ktab Nursing and special care of Malahat M. Nikravan - diffuse knowledge

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- Use of words and terms in cases in hospital

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