Imam Ali's stories

Imam Ali's stories

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App of Imam Ali's Stories

This application includes more than sixty beautiful stories about Imam Ali (as) and his biography, which presents the presence of all the lovers of Imam Ali (AS).

The stories of this app include:

biography, diary

Cut off the burglar and reconnect

Justice Ali (AS) made the Christian man Muslim

Observance of financial rights in the neighborhood

Imam Ali (AS): What did Aqil ask for?

 Palm load

Pray for you

Discover the secret of the mosque of Aden

Moderation in life

Devil whisper

Ultimately Sacrifice

Promote good faith with Islam

Prayer and Curse of Imam Ali (as)

Judge at the hearing

 Money with blessing

Ali guests

Complain of the husband

Pension to retired Nasrari

 Hisham and Peacock Yamani

Pension to retired Nasrari

 Hisham and Peacock Yamani

And ...

Some features of the program:

- Simple and attractive environment

- Great and beautiful graphics

- Appropriate volume of the program



Beautiful font

-And ... .

pleas pry for me.

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