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Walnut tree, gooseberry or goose (Persian language: goz - Tabari: colossus) (scientific name: Juglans) is from the family of goats. The species of this tree are planted in China, Japan, France and the United States. The most important walnut in the world is known as the Persian walnut, since it was first taken from Iran to the Middle East and then to Greece and Rome, then to England and then to America. The Iranian walnut is the only species of this family whose eating habits are economically consumable. A typical walnut is a tree, a base with a height of 10 to 25 meters can be changed, the walnut has a complex combination of leaves and a tree is a base that male and female flowers appear on a tree in a separate manner. The gametes are nugget material, which is pollinated by wind and insects do not play a role.

In this app, we tried to provide you with interesting and useful information about walnut farming to your loved ones to become a walnut breeder.

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