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In spite of much loved the offline version of the site, its technical partners that this product will also provide software, what has already become the product-line site offers version of the website dynamic informationType Web pages (html file) and tried the Internet version of the site that looks identical and no need to view the contents of web pages on the Internet is not possible for this information to be viewed offline. There are some deficiencies such as the lack of search, not a complete list and comments ... and there is passive links (Die Link) so we had the huge change in this version offers an offline version of the product to a soft, Advanced software change


      More than 5,500 news about the news coverage of anti-Wahhabism and Shi'ite Muslims around the world to display the image and sound from news sites such as online Shia, Shia News beings, Al-Alam, Iran, Shia news ...

Wahhabism intrigue

      Nearly 155 more in relation to Wahhabism rare verdicts (fatwas ridiculous and despicable to specific news) for text, images (picture book, newspaper or magazine) and sound

     Close to 146 articles and books on the topics of leadership and authority, in defense of Shia, Wahhabi response to the objections (many have been attached pdf file) depends, source texts with pictures in text books and articles

questions and answers

      400 Questions and Answers on the questions of Wahhabism and to defend the Shia beliefs


      Close to 469 as speech, text and audio files (mp3, ...) of the doctor Hosseini Qazvin Hi satellite network, satellite network province, Feyziyeh, universities, etc.


        More than 280 more on the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and other calendar that the Shiite religious sites (such as Wisdom, INVESTIGATION, etc.) quotes

Contemporary Islamic Jurisprudence
        Text and sound teaching from 1385 to 1392 Fiqh Contemporary Hossein guidance under titles such as: introduction to contemporary jurisprudence, history, tradition, marriage, marriage, Taraweeh prayers, Mth Hajj, triple witness, a combination of Slatyn, ablution from the perspective of two parties, Adhan From the perspective of two parties and within 400 file


    All the products research institute of Imam Mahdi (as) under four segments: software (23), books (17 publications), Mobile (Android and Java 20 software environment), websites (15 web app )


      Close to 52 thousand comments by users (visitors) sites evening but that some of them (which aspects are questions or doubts plan) is the answer

 Education figures

        Text and sound teaching and understanding men (Grade 8 and 9 and 10 area) by Hossein guidance in the form of a file 59

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