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Important Notice to all GeoVision users!

GV-Relay, introduced from V2.7.0, is a paid service for connecting GeoVision software and IP devices quickly via QR-code scan.

GV-Eye is a free remote view application that allows you to access GeoVision IP devices (GV-IP Camera, GV-SNVR, GV-Video Server) and software (GV-DVR, GV-NVR, GV-VMS, GV-Mobile Server, GV-Recording Server) from your iPhone or iPad to remotely watch multiple live views, receive audio, do PTZ control, play back recordings, trigger a remote output and take snapshots. It supports Megapixel resolution for quality imaging.

For questions or suggestions, please visit GeoVision's website at http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/4_0.asp or contact GeoVision Support at support@geovision.com.tw for updates and solutions!


- Scan QR code to connect to GeoVision software and IP devices
- Address book to save connection info for quick and direct access
- Support MJPEG/H.264/H.265 codec up to 4000 x 3000 resolution
- Live display of multiple channels
- Access a single view just by a click
- Enable recording to the connected IP devices and software
- Two-way audio
- Video playback
- PTZ controls such as presets, focus, zoom and speed
- Force output devices to send alarms
- 360 degree mode and VR mode supported for GV-VR360
- Fisheye dewarping for GeoVision fisheye cameras
- Edge management for configuring IP address, device name and assigning storage path

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