Laboratory database toosteb

Laboratory database toosteb

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About the program:

This program is one of the five programs offered by Toos Tarmar Pharm, which is designed and designed to publicize medical materials in the community, based on scientific resources and valid medical materials, and it is safe to say that it is one of the best and most The most comprehensive programs that have been gathered in Iran in the field of medical and physical health, and also have a professorship from Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Yazd, and under the license number 20108672 from the Center for the Development of Information Technology and Digital Media.

In this program, more than 500 samples and testing of medical tests, and the introduction of laboratory equipment are collected and included in the program that can answer questions of all ages with any age that they have long needed their answers.

*** This app can be a specialist in the field of test response for you and a great gift for those you love. ***

The content of this program is divided into 25 sections:


1- Introduction to the Laboratory

2. Laboratory tests

3. Laboratory equipment


4- Getting online from doctors

5- Book Health home

6. Gallery of photography and photography

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Sources and references:

The content of this program is taken from the following books

1. Practical methods in the medical diagnostic laboratory (Author: Maryam Shabani)

2- Introduction to basic concepts and applied statistics, method validation and uncertainty in medical laboratory

3- The University of Ph.D. in Laboratory Science (

It is hoped that this program will be in your hands throughout your life and medical care ...

Thanks to the 5 star rating for the app, motivate and improve the future plans. Thanks ....

About Manufacturer:

For more than five years, Tosh Pharm Pharm has been continuously involved in the distribution of medical equipment in Iran and has experienced significant progress every year. In the first years, the company was able to act as a sales representative with many importing companies and He is a manufacturer of medical devices and is currently also engaged in the import of a wide range of medical equipment and supplies.

Major activities of the company:

Equipping and setting up health centers, health centers, health rooms, clinics and hospitals

Supply medical supplies for medical, medical, hospital and laboratory facilities

Repairs, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment of the treatment centers and related parts, or contractors

Equipping and launching ambulance and emergency ambulance vehicles

Obtaining permission for business activities related to medical equipment

Consulting, review and participation in projects related to medical equipment

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