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third Eye:

Your overall impact on a person is 65% non verbal and only 35% verbal.

So, as long as you're in a professional conversation, you have 65% less.

We have been working to compensate you for this shortcoming within two weeks.

Simple expression and use of body state images and infographic features of this app

More than 170 images and 145 body shapes that are most used throughout the day make this application a highly functional and a successful tool.

lie :

A very functional feature that you will learn after seeing this app is to detect the lie of the opposite person in under 5 seconds.

We show you the various ways that a liar person uses his lies to show his lies easily and easily with the image.

The human body is such that it expresses its inner thoughts quickly with body states and you are able to read the thoughts of your opponent by learning these symptoms.

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