File Hider Clock App Locker

File Hider Clock App Locker

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Hide private files like photos, videos and notes, in our disguised File Hider Clock App Locker! For the eyes of the others this will be a simple clock widget app, but for you it is a real photo vault with lock, the best file hider app to hide photos, or hide files and folders with password so that no one can access them! This high security clock vault app hider offers maximum protection for your data, scroll down to read what amazing options it includes, and download our File Hider Clock App Locker for free!

🔒 Import and hide photos, videos, audio files or notes;
🔒 Capture photos, make videos, audio or notes directly from this secret file hider to hide them instantly;
🔒 Manage media by creating, renaming or deleting folders and files inside the photo vault app;
🔒 Change the view of your files and folders to Grid or List;
🔒 Unhide your photos, videos or files easily;
🔒 Use App Lock feature – lock any app in your phone with a Pattern Lock;
🔒 Enable Facedown feature to quickly close the app or open another one in case you don't want anyone to notice you are using a secret photo vault;
🔒 Use Intruder Selfie feature to automatically take a photo when someone uses a wrong pattern in an attempt to unlock an app;
🔒 Set your own Security Question and Answer to be able to reset your password in case you forget it;
🔒 Enable Uninstall Protection – when this feature is active, you or other users will not be able to accidentally uninstall this app;
🔒 Use the Clock – it shows the correct time and date;


❗ Open your file hider app by entering your password using the clock hands;
❗ Tap the question mark from the top right corner to access your Security Question and reset your password;
❗ All files you add to this file hider software are stored inside the app in your device's memory. In case you want to delete the app, please Unhide all the files first, otherwise they will be permanently deleted!

By following these steps you will ensure that File Hider Clock App Locker protects your private data efficiently, so make use of this free “file hider software download” and install the greatest “clock secret vault” your eyes have ever seen! Secure your “app locker with password” so that only you can open the disguised photo vault by setting the clock hands in the right position. File Hider Clock App Locker can also take a selfie of any intruder who tries to unlock your “file hider and locker” with a wrong password. Is this the best “file manager hider” or what?

If you need an easy app locker and a high quality app to hide photos and videos, you've come to the right place! Your very own “private photo vault free” is ready for you, download it and prevent any possible intrusions to your photos and videos which you want to keep to yourself. Your secrets are safe with our “app locker with password and pattern”! And the clock widget free will tell the exact time, so no one will assume that this is actually a “photo vault and video hider”! There is no need to hesitate, because this “clock vault app lock” is the best disguised protection for your data that you could find! Download “File Hider Clock App Locker” right away!

DISCLOSURE: If you want to activate the Uninstall Protection feature you need to give Device Administrator Permission for this app. We use this permission ONLY to prevent the accidental uninstallation of the app, and nothing else. If you decide to uninstall the app yourself, you can do it by deactivating the Uninstall Protection first.

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