Calendar and memoir of paria

Calendar and memoir of paria

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Calendar with Unique Features:

*Beautiful and eye-catching environment with 2 glass and bright themes.

*Accurate, moment-by-moment meteorological forecast for up to 10 days for all cities.

 *Azande and religious prayers.

*Get wallpapers online with the ability to store and use for the background of the phone.

*Write your memories on a daily basis. Fully encrypted with the ability to record memories in text, audio and image. Diary.

*Register your events best and categorized. Birthday reminder - Sessions - Check-appointment dates - Memos and ...

*Register safely; even if you change your phone, you can back up your memories and events and retrieve your new phone.

*Mention the number of professionals in 3 categories: Mention of the day - The prayers of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and Salavat of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

*The most comprehensive national occasions; Ancient and Religious with the ability to search for occasions and holidays.

*Qibla Finder and Advanced Compass using the latest algorithms.

*Ability to set up an announcement before the adzan. For example, the 20 minutes left to Azan announces that it will be attended by another 20 minutes.

*Various widget types and stylish.

*Ultra-light and compact.

*No annoying and optimized advertisements.

*Lawyer Other Unique Features ...

*Curriculum and personal business accounting soon. (Will be in the next versions)

We sincerely look forward to your comments and suggestions from loved ones.

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