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In the name of God day

Just once try ♥

If you want a step forward the development of the world's most scammer do not doubt this is what you want (◕‿-)

☠ prisoners and secret world of Android and the Internet in your hands ... ☠

For Android 5-6-7 ☠ ☠

Even Highlights for Samsung's Android 7 which sites have been

Unique software which contains many interesting tricks and tutorials.

o Some of the statements contained in the application:

New Notes 6 and 7 ☢ ☢ Android Secret

-Easter Egg Android 7 Marshmallow

- Enable power developer (Developer Options)

- Limiting connections for guests! And other users

-Mkhfy a special warnings from the Qflsfhhnmaysh

Control the use of the Internet as quickly as possible

♣ Download the app for playing music online (Radyvjvan) ♣

 90 seconds back free contact training

 Training Send SMS Harmful

 training so directly with the diverted line

 Training Send SMS for free via the Internet

 interesting tricks and application of talc

 hide files within the phone without the use of software

 Secret Codes Nokia phones

 Motorola secret codes

 secret codes LG phones

 secret codes HTC phones

 secret codes iPhone

 Android Secret Codes

 USSD (MCI, MTN, Rightel)

 How to unravel the PC Bios

 restart another handset by Bluetooth

 new ways screen capture

 discovered methods to lock Pattern

 Who of you use Wi Fi

 find people by phone number mobile phone models

 block annoying numbers on Android phones

 powerful program to increase coverage on Android phones

 unravel computer

 Open Pattern Lock Android

 using the Pattern Lock moborobo

 and ...

 -----------------------------------------

 to favorites

 Ability to search

 advanced settings

 simple and attractive interface.


I suggest you just try once again.






the writer:
Doctor Mohammad Yousef Khodayi

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