Relax sea sound:easy sleep

Relax sea sound:easy sleep

Version 1.3
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Natural sounds, such as the sound of the sea, have a beneficial effect on the peace of mind, soothe and help to sleep better and faster, reduce stress, focus on work, study or read, for meditation and relax your mind.

Remember the day or night by the sea with the sound of the sea.

It is advisable to use your headphones or mobile handset for a better listening experience.

Listen to a variety of different sea sounds in different environments with good quality and low volume

Suitable for fast sleeping and meditation, focusing and feeling relaxed and comfortable thinking

Beautiful and simple working environment with pictures of the sea

You can run the app on the mobile background and do other things like browsing the Internet or playing or listening to complementary music. The sound of the sea will play in the background

There are other features in the app that will help you have a better sea sound experience

Including complementary sounds such as seagulls and relaxing music that help improve sounds and user experience.

Some features of this software:

Drive 15 sounds and images of the sea

Acceptable sound quality and low volume

Relax and sleep faster

Has 4 complementary voices for mix with sea sound

Has timer to stop the program automatically after the time runs out

Low battery consumption

Nice and simple user interface

Ability to run the application in the mobile background

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