Interpretation of the accompaniment

Interpretation of the accompaniment

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In the name of our dear friend, what we have is from him

The dream interpretation suite accompanies the great scientists in the dream interpretation app

References and sources of interpretation of sleep:

Ibn Syrin, Daniel the prophet, but Sadeq (AS), Allameh Majlesi, Ebrahim Kermani, Manouchehr Tehrani, Isma'il Ibn Ash'ath, Jabir Maghrebi

Western Templars (Enley Beyton, Luc Etthens, H. Miller)

Software features and explanations:

Ability to share dream interpretation in virtual networks and send friends with the ability to search titles and include all the alphabet

Beautifully designed template with color changing and text font

Easy access to the desired interpretation

Possibility to add to the favorites list with continuous updates

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Thanks, Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi

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