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Leitner Box
Do you find it difficult to memorize words and almost seems unattainable? Are you looking for a fast and quite way? In this case, we recommend you Leitner Box which is the result of learning and memory researchers. It's a big box full of information, cards, new words, and yes portable! Able to manage your time and remember you every day to review the cards. Having a dictionary in Persian - English (and of course for the first time in Iranian software search feature Farsi) software has become an effective and efficient tool. Also this 2in1 (Leitner learning box + dictionary) presents with high definition graphics and the Android 4 theme which increases motivation for learning.

Contains more than 83000 words in Farsi
Contains more than 100000 words in English
You can shuffle words in order to add into Leitner Box!
Intellect search in Farsi and English automatically
Running on android 2.1 and later – 100% tested on android 4
Supports for Farsi languages even on not rooted devices!
Home screen widget can be resized (the most new feature of anroid 4)
Supports changing of language processing for different devices such as Sony, HTC,
Fancy and user friendly UI
Beautiful Farsi fonts, and changeable by user
Fonts can be resized

Latest changes:
User will be able to add cards from excel (csv) format file
User can add 504 essential word (optional)
You can add or delete next date's cards
Can delete all the cards
You can do backup and restore operations
Can move application into SDCard
Widget is usable even if your application be on SDCard
A new visual help added
You can see memorized cards
True and False button fixed on home-screen widget

Notice: A demo version of this application can be found at
, test it and buy the pro version if you enjoy demo.

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