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This application is programmed in order of the Red Crescent of Mazandaran province and is free to use:

Accident happened?

Just tap help…

1. Your "help” massage will be sent in no time to the headquarters and the help ring will ring.

2. Your exact location will be on board immediately on the HQ’s map.

3. Within a minute وthey will call you while the rescue progress has started.

All useful information about you will be informed to the staff immediately (including: name, last name, phone number, address, a number of your friends or your family, exact location, blood type, special disease)

Asking for help process:

When you tap on “Help” the app will automatically send your location to the health care HQ using GPS, if not, it will determine your location using other capabilities and if even that couldn’t happen, it will automatically contact a special number predicted for these kind of situations.

Sending Progress:

The app will automatically use the roaming data of your phone, if not, it’ll use massaging system and even if the phone was on air plane mode or didn’t even have a sim-card or etc., it’ll call 112.

Attention: Managing system of this app is deployed in the Red Crescent HQ and 4 trained experts are managing it.

Special applications of this app:

2.first aid training

3.showing health care bases

4.routing using destination capability of google map

5.sending a picture of the scene

6.neccessary phone numbers map and sending your exact location to your friends

8.compatible to all versions of android

9.flexible and user friendly

10.programming using standards and new methods of programming

 There isn’t any similar app to this application and it is only served for the sake of humanity which is the outcome of a breath taking period of time having meetings with Mr. Mojtaba Akbari the head of the Red Crescent of Mazandaran and other experts which was presented in the government week.

The video of testing this app and the serving system will be uploaded soon.

 Designing and supporting corporation website:SEFARESH.NET

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