Community Relations

Community Relations

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Social relations, social policy and social management of a catch-all term that includes both the fields of political science and economic science are closely linked.

100 topics on various topics that will help you in all aspects of social relationships throughout life helps

Some of the issues in this program:

-Zndgy On the people
-Mn'm Afraid I can not speak out
- How to be attractive and charming?
- How can we strengthen our friendship
- How can we love someone?
- Why we love
- Ten Ghazshgr for friendship
- Ten Strategies for a good start
- What a man loves a woman knows
- No major killer romance
- The most annoying things girls from the boys
- How can you change your opinion of others about
- What do we do to others we trust?
- The Miracle of Life
- Life on the line

And dozens of other topics

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