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photoshop learning

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Photoshop tutorials and project-based PhotoShop

The advantage of this software over other software is that you have the training, using practical projects, you will be familiar with the software.

The Learning List:

Full training opt Photoshop
A quick tutorial Photoshop
Training Mask in Photoshop
Education Background layer in Photoshop
Education Transforming Selection in Photoshop
Education layers in Photoshop
Training Tools type (Type) in Photoshop
Create an artistic image with Photoshop
Working with layers in Photoshop
Pixelate the image you want in Photoshop
Erasing the background (background) image in PhotoShop
Put your head on other images with Photoshop
PhotoShop convert color images to black and white.
Giving special effects to photos in Photoshop PhotoShop
How to replace the sky in the photo PhotoShop
Some of the photos and the effects in Photoshop
Put the picture in another picture with Photoshop
Retouching photos in Photoshop
Giving special effects to add color to black and white photo
Old photos PhotoShop
Add photos one image with Photoshop
Cover image texture and construction professionals in Photoshop
Blur the image in Photoshop
Photo size adjustment at the beginning of the construction document PhotoShop
Crop circle photo in Photoshop
Fiery text trick in Photoshop
Dream images with Photoshop
The natural beard on the face PhotoShop
Personal images with training pretty scary effect
How to change the image size in Photoshop
How we prepare for print our images in Photoshop
Smooth angled images in Photoshop
Add a shadow to photos in Photoshop
A simple trick bordered the photo in Photoshop
Blurs and fades out unwanted areas from the images in Photoshop
Drawing vector drawing in Photoshop
Education worn the edge of the photo in Photoshop
Dark Turn photos in Photoshop
Stitching photos together in Photoshop
Step-by-step makeup or makeup models with Photoshop
Simple tutorial for making surrealist photo
How to edit social portrait
Change the color of the different parts of a portrait
Education hair color in Photoshop
A simple business card design
Action panel in Photoshop
Making simple three-dimensional text in Photoshop
Professional retouching for Photoshop
Persian type in Photoshop


-designing the business card

- Make-up and make-up case

-Afkt Drawing (pencil drawing)

Creating profit vapor effects on text

-Tshy Personal photos

-Changed Color of your eyes

-Removed Welding and professional retouching for studio

-Removed For flaws

-Chhrh Of mystery in the smoke

Winter -Afkt on face

-Prakndgy Cool image of smoke

Subsequent changing hair color

-Dadn Fashion effects to ordinary photos

- Our yellow teeth white

Creating profit Phoenix Hair Effect

Creating profit natural effects tears

-Rvtvsh Hand, Real Madrid Pictures

-Sakht Movie posters

-Minor Nose

-Sakht Water effects

Ice -Afkt

- And .....

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