Training Dog Clicker Trinket

Training Dog Clicker Trinket

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Training Dog Clicker Trinket
Dog Training Clicker Keychain - Teach your dog to different teams!
This application, as a joke, will help to achieve the maximum effect from the training process!
As a joke, teach your pet such commands as "sit", "lie", "to me" and others!
Master all the necessary methods of training!
The application contains a set of key rings with recorded sounds that the dog supposedly understands!
In the learning process, gain experience points and open new devices to achieve the best result!
You no longer have to suffer, time after time explaining to a four-footed friend what and how to do!
Play out friends and people around you, pretending that the dog is listening and doing your commands!
Arrange furs and observe the behavior of the pet!
Get a lot of positive emotions from the drawings!
Have fun together and cheer up all around!

Having decided to have a dog, we dream that she will become our faithful obedient friend!
But if you do not give your pet the proper attention and do not start training on time, then probably nothing will turn out later!
The earlier you start the process of training, the better!
Be engaged in your dog, and it will thank you with its loyalty and obedience!

Attention! The app only simulates dog training! It can not really teach her commands!
Created solely for the sake of jokes and entertainment!
Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!

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