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The Qur'an is a miraculous word of the great Lord, which was revealed to the well-known prophet of Islam to lead mankind. As the divine revelation descended on the beloved messenger of Islam, it was written by the helpers of that sacred being and was kept in mosafahs. It is not just that the dearly messenger of Islam has quoted it for subsequent generations. But many of the glorious helpers of that sacred existence narrated for the following generations that this book was revealed from the domain of God on its apostle.

This app has 18 grams plus audio and English translation.

Features of the program:

✔ Separate song of every verse

✔ Have 18 Famous Curls

✔ Persian Translation Session

✔ Simple and attractive environment

✔ English verse verse

✔ Beautiful Fonts

✔ Great and beautiful graphics

✔ The proper size of the app

✔and ...

pleas pry for me.

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