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Vermicompost consisting of earthworms and compost (organic fertilizer) means a kind of organic fertilizer that is derived from earthworm activity.

There are more than 2700 types of earthworms in nature. These worms, by exploring the soil and feeding the elements in the soil and combining it with the enzymes in your body, refresh the soil and increase the fertility of the plant, as well as the constant movement in the soil, By creating a lot of holes, it makes it easy to penetrate into the soil.

The word Verms is derived from the Latin word Vermis, which means the worm. The production of vermicompost is a semi-aerobic process (about 80% moisture), which is carried out by a specific species of worms, fungi, bacteria, and actinomites, as well as from the worm growth medium, which, after the disposal of wastes from the digestive system of the worm, The Vermicompost, a vermicompost, is a mixture of worm-worm waste with organic matter, as well as worm's bodies, which has a high nutritional value for the plant. In soils with worm-releasing substances, elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are 5 to 11 times higher than worm-free soils. Due to the passage of organic matter from the gastrointestinal tract, elements such as germs increase.

The production of Vermicompost, fed by the Eisenia Foetida red worms, is an organic material of the kitchen waste and is the product of this organic fertilizer, one of the richest fertilizers known in the world.

In this app, we tried to provide you with some interesting and useful information about the training of vermicompost manure to your loved ones so that you become a vermicompost producer.

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