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Precious metal in the world of venom that the price of a gram of toxin dried at 80 million USD, which in theory it has come ((150 thousand scorpions at least 20 to 25 grams spraying drying in the production of the equivalent of 2 billion USD . However, depending on the method of poisoning and the species of scallop, the rate and quality of the poison is different. According to the reports in Iranian common species in the country, on average, from each instance of the scallop 1 mg to about 2 mg of venom with the method An ectopic is obtained, which means that one gram of liquid poison from different species is needed from about 500 specimens to 100,000 specimens of scorpion), due to This is a benefit of raising Scorpio up to 100% (400%). So, farmers have a lot of economic savings. Which has a very profitable market.
Dried, powdered and scorpion flour in pharmaceutical and sanitary firms, cosmetics and traditional medicine can be used internally.

In this app, we tried to give you interesting and useful information about raising Scorpions to your loved ones so that you become a Scorpio breeder.

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Be happy and victorious.

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