Cultivation of cucumbers

Cultivation of cucumbers

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The vegetable cucumber from the alkaline pumpkin family is Dark Cowhoz. The cucumber has a rising stem that the fruits hang from. This stem is also used as a herb. Cucumbers are found in three forms, cucumbers for cucumber, cucumber (greenhouse) and cucumber (or cucumber). Cucumber is originally native to South Asia but grows on almost all continents.

The cucumber plant stems are flowing and flush around each reed. Also, cucumber can grow as rootless hydroponics on the ground, and if it does not have a support, it will screw on the ground. Cucumber has large leaves and can shine on other fruits. The cucumber is usually cylindrical and can grow up to 60 centimeters in length and 10 centimeters in diameter. From botanical point of view, cucumber is one, in other words, it is a fruit whose outer part is hard and does not split inside. But like tomatoes and squash, it is treated like cucumbers in preparation and food. Based on the above table, 95% of cucumber is water.

In this app, we tried to give you some very interesting and useful information about growing cucumbers to your loved ones so that you become a green cucumber breeder.

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