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A Path to Mental Health
The purpose of designing and building the application

In today's world of communications, we often look for tools that are fully responsive to our work and expertise.
So in the field of psychology there was a lack of comprehensive software that could guide a psychologist, software that could encompass different aspects of the psychology field and be a tool for specialized psychologist work.

Psychology software consists of several parts.
In the field of psychology, we tried to provide more information about psychology to the public and to provide useful information.
In the history section of the school, we tried to highlight some of the most important schools of psychology and the history of some of those who had a significant impact on that school.

In the Mental Disorders and Psychology section, each disorder and its subdivisions in each ward have been reported regularly and with symptoms of disorder based on the latest edition of the DSM5 Mental Disorders Book to be a useful tool for psychologists.
In therapeutic approaches, we tried to identify the most common and applicable therapeutic methods in psychology and their therapeutic application.
For the first time in academic counseling, we tried to put together a curriculum to help open the student up. And this section is a useful tool for school counselors and psychologists.
Educational planning consists of two stages.
In the field of self-knowledge, the theory of reciprocal behavior analysis, founded by Eric Burn, was attempted. And to be a tool for understanding human existence, this theory helps psychologists identify themselves before treatment begins and advises psychologists to fully understand it before psychotherapy and counseling begin.
🌠 In the final section of the book introduction, it was attempted to present important books in the most recent medical, specialized, and general areas of practice required by psychologists and individuals.
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⭐ And lastly, I hope you accept your little psychology and psychology services
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