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The most perfect resource Training program:

It is safe to say that the most complete Shmaqrar Training is provided.

By training and study this program you can for yourself all Yarshvyd a coach.

Add backup cable channels and provide the latest educational issues.

1-training exercise for the whole body movements along with photos and a complete description (100 moves)

2-teach a variety of techniques, training systems and advanced techniques Vvyzhh for the first time.

(Off-forced-partial techniques, etc.), system (Asplsh- fst-7- Tkhlyh- Dvnymh, etc.)

3-kind training program (training program and cut Mbtdy- volume (average professional) training -App -Jy fitness-Phil Heath Cutler)

*** Full training training program

**** Training program Steve Cook (modern body) includes 8 weeks of regular exercise to achieve physical careful and modern. * With supplement program *

Nutrition education programs Vzlh simultaneous fat food.

The most important nutritional tips during the Vkat

Introducing the most important and best protein foods.


Bodybuilding supplements are introduced to the separation of the group (the volume of construction-Cut fat Vzlh Svzy- holding-products (hot rolled) ...) and introducing the most essential supplement.

Training and motivational movies Vklyp

Help Gym

** With updated **

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