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Onion Training Program (planting, harvesting, harvesting)

Onion (Scientific name: Allium cepa) is a vegetable of the genus Garlic under the sapphire of the Narcissus dynasty.

The onion is one of the oldest vegetables and edible snails in the world and Iran, which have originated in Iran and Afghanistan. [What's this?] This product was cultivated in Egypt three thousand years ago and based on some documents of the workers who built the pyramids Egypt were using onions as their main food. The onion belongs to the Alliaceae family and is a two-year-old plant with poor weed growth, hollow cylindrical leaves forming bulbs in the first year, and in the second year with bulb cultivation And after the emergence of the flower stem (s) and umbrellas produce seed. The most important environmental factors affecting the formation of temperature and daytime temperature are bulbs, and onion bulbs are divided into three groups, including high day, medium day, and short days. The importance of this is in determining the appropriate planting time. For example, planting long days like red red onions is usually planted in April.

In this app, we tried to provide some very interesting and useful information about planting, and we would like to offer you this valuable plant to your loved ones to become an onion grower.

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