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Please carefully read the app description and screenshots for the program to understand!

Note: This program is a complete package that looks like a tool box office remains in the area of ​​banking services, municipalities, post, insurance, +10 Police Service, service (counter, etc.), service operators in the country (with the first,


Banking services available:

Inquiry balance of all members of the acceleration cards

Money transfer


Services Czech

Internet bank

And ....

Banks included in the program:

+ Bank

+ National Bank

+ Agricultural Bank

+ Housing Bank

+ Bank city

+ Bank Sinai

+ Bank Sepah

+ Bank Hekmat Iranian

+ Ansar Bank

+ Bank

+ Bank's future

+ Bank Pasargad

+ Bank of Commerce

+ Bank Corp

+ Investment Bank

+ Bank Refah

+ Bank tourism

+ Bank of New Economy

+ Bank

+ Ghavamin Bank

+ Bank

+ Bank of Iran

+ Mehr Iranian banks

+ Bank stamp economy

+ Cooperative Development Bank

+ Post Bank

+ Bank Saderat Iran

+ Bank of Industry and Mine

+ Bank

+ Financial institution and credit Kosar

+ Financial institution and credit Samen

+ Financial institution and consumer credit


Municipal services available:

+ Section inquiries (including inquiries: detailed design, old texture, urban records, track 137 and 1888 and is ....)

+ The effects (including the effects of modernization, businesses, waste modernization, etc.)

+ Transport sector (which includes: a license traffic, highway toll, charge cards and tickets is ....)

+ Cultural sector (which includes: sport, culture and religion and so on)

Postal services are available:

+ Intercept mail

+ Track Certification

+ Intercept the vehicle card

+ Rate Post

+ Keep track of lost objects to posts

+ Address Post Offices

+ And ....

+10 Police Services available:

+ Call offense

+ Pay offense

+ Pay Bills

+ Services jaw plate

+ Services Replacement license plate

+ Correction data owners

+ Intercept Military

+ Documents required police departments to conduct +10

+ And ....

Insurance Services available:

+ Payment of social security

+ Insurance Iran

+ Insurance Corp

+ Insurance Carriers

+ New insurance services

+ Insurance teacher

+ Razi Insurance Services

+ Our insurance services

+ Insurance Dana

+ Insurance Sinai

Administrative correspondence services available:

A complete package of more than 400 letters in the areas of

+ A office (officially - unofficially)

+ Agreements (Working civilian vehicles, etc.)

+ A legal (marriage, divorce court dispute resolution council, etc.)

+ Requests and demands (types apply to mortgage bank transfer, etc.)

+ Affidavit of (a variety of local affidavit, etc.)

+ A university (education - student loan applications transitional labor offices, etc.)

+ Letters of congratulations and thanks (ceremonies and celebrations and anniversaries Tqdr CD text, etc.)

+ English letters (invitations to the admission of how writing style English letters)

Edit all letters received and is

Existing operator services (MCI, MTN, Rightel)

+ Buy Online Packages

+ Free calling service

+ Opt out of receiving promotional SMS

+ Tracking SIM

And ....

It is safe to complete the software except in this category to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all services that are offline (no Internet) or online (Internet) is in your hands.

Dear user, our relationship with you is included in the program that you are responsible in case of problems

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