WhiteBoard | English learning app

WhiteBoard | English learning app

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There are plenty of interested learners, and consequently numerous methods of acquiring a new language. But in fact, learning a language need a tight and continuous schedule.

As a pioneering mobile app with a highly user-friendly interface, Whiteboard® is designed based on the latest methods of language learning. Also, it could be considered as your accompanying teacher. At first step, you take a placement test, then based on the result, your schedule will be started.

This app is not confined to any special method and tries to merge several practical techniques together, such as: interactive and video learning, teaching word and grammar through examples, practical interactive exercises for each level, visual grammar lessons, everyday conversational videos with and without subtitle and highlighting key expressions.


- English learning method based on Oxford University syllable

- Interactive learning through video and audio

- Visual grammar lessons

- Everyday conversational videos

- Practical words and grammar lessons through examples

- Placement test, mid-term and final exams in each level

- Interactive conversation practice

- Learners’ achievement dashboard

- Including 7 levels from starter to advanced

- Chasing learner’s achievement in each level

- Easy-to-use, interesting user interface 

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