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Ask treatment of diseases of the nature ...
Hundreds of herbal prescription for medication.

Treatment of dyslipidemia and obesity
Treatment of anemia
Treatment of inflammation of the tonsils
Treatment of sore throat.
Treatment of chronic dry cough
Treatment of dry cough
Treatment of asthma in the elderly and middle-aged
Treatment of asthma
MS disease
Treatment of kidney cyst
Swelling of the prostate treatment
Use of perfumes !!
Treatment of kidney stones
Heart disease in traditional medicine
Treatment shake hands in traditional medicine
Weight loss in traditional medicine
Treatment of teeth and gums
Traditional medicine to treat nervous tics
Sciatica treatment in traditional medicine
Drury, and genital tract infection treatment
Goiter treatment in traditional medicine
Treatment of pemphigus in traditional medicine
Treatment of stuttering in traditional medicine
Treatment of nasal congestion in traditional medicine
And . . .

Laxatives - Laxatives - Anti-cramping - stimulating the stomach and appetizing - jaundice - Anti-sweat - a lot of urine - kidney and bladder - cough and asthma - nausea and vomiting - Oral diseases - colds and flu - stimulating metabolism. - Compression - elimination of obesity - anemia - clogging arteries - incontinence - liver disease - disease of women - smooth blood - antipyretic - sedatives - neurological diseases - hemorrhoids - Rmatsym and gout - a disease of the skin and hair - anti-diarrhea - anti-diabetes and diabetes - heart disease - high blood pressure - pain - eye disease - wound and burn - edema and fluid - hemostatic - disinfectant - vomiting - Relay - booster breast - cancer - sexual stimulant drugs - drugs diminished sexual desire ...

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