Top Sayed Majid Bani Fatemeh

Top Sayed Majid Bani Fatemeh

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Top Sayed Majid Bani Fatemeh

Experience the most beautiful and most sophisticated sages of Seyyed Majid Bani Fatemeh in this program.

We are putting together the latest and greatest eulogy, rosary, and genius in this app so that we can create good moments for you.

We ask you not to forget us from your goodness before receiving and listening to these chants.

Featuring the Most Expensive Program by Seyyed Majid Bani Fatemeh:

Daily eating habits, rosary and dishes

- High quality audio files

- Simple and beautiful interface

- A completely low volume program

- High speed and quality

- Beautiful and eye-catching design

- And...

Beg pleasurable prayer

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