City - Yar

City - Yar

Version 2.1
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This application can be a forceful relation bridge between citizen and the municipality’s authorities of gorgan and somehow to deliver people’s voice with the simplest way to the dear authorities’ ears till closing the day that they can helping each other so they have less problems for their city.

Each citizen can be a reporter for their city once they face with a problem they can take a picture of that with textual description or sending their voice with picture.

Shar-yar details appliction:

1.sending problems within taking a second and announce it to monitoring center

2.advanced profile including personal information and picture etc.

3.navigation that able to destination.

4.sending picture, voice, text from the problem it has arisen.

5.seeing all the reported problems to the monitoring center.

6.refferal the reported problems including pictures and exact location to the relevant unit

“Shahryar” application 



Other applications:

-Routing: online routing possibility by inputting origin and destination plus calculating the length of time and distance

-Parking finder: showing available parking in range.

-Essential numbers: showing essential numbers and being able to call fast.

-I’m here: showing your exact location on map online and sending your location to your friends using the sharing system. 

**this program is available for free for citizens of gorgan on the order of gorgan municipality.

** the app that you see is completely programed, designed and operated by “SEFARESH.NET” programming team

Design and supporting corporation website: SEFARESH.NET

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