false messianic pretenders

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Software "false messianic pretenders"
In the name of God
  In this application there is content about false claims in the form of short text, photo paper, poster related.

About Claims time infallible (PBUH) to the present
About who claims he is slink Mohsen to claimants who says " I am Ali bin Abitaleb  ... !! "

- About claimants that  is civil engineering to someone who has thousands of followers in India and the Iraqi people and .....

- About claimants to claim to be God?

- About Baha'i and Wahhabi Sunni claimants and ....

- About those who imagine that the Mahdi is the same ruling to someone who, after being beaten' said: "I'm not Mehdi"

About Boy who assertion relationship with the imam Mahdi, for he could get marry with a girl to deportees student doctor, who claimed to be ....
* Software "false messianic claimants" is one of the finest production of "Twelfth savior promo cultural group" which is made up of one hundred short text and photo paper that  is associated with those texts ,from the first century to the present day, most claims in its place
short text, about the most famous claims.
The essential point:
The main application content (text and images) is available to users for free, but services such as file open layer (psd) and PowerPoint file about one hundred articles and images, is inexpensive for users.

May Imam Mahdi (AS) be pleased with us and you.

We are happy to get feedback (feedback) you.




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